Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


Theology found in a long, boring car ride

If I could go straight home after work, it would be a very easy 15 minute drive. When I pick up the kids after work, it takes me about 1 hour to leave work, pick up both kids at their separate schools, fight the neighborhood traffic and get back home. It is very easy to feel like a taxi driver, wasting my time driving all over town. Continue reading


Since when did Wednesday become just another night?!?

My son has started the Fall soccer season. He is in the “Under-7” league now and we have certainly picked up the pace! Two practices during the week and at least 1 game per weekend. I realize this is just the beginning, and doesn’t even compare to what it will be like when he is older. I don’t even want to imagine the balancing act we’ll have in 5-10 years for extra-curricular activities – and we only have 2 kids! Continue reading

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Where two or three (or fifty) are gathered

I do not like to procrastinate. Back in college I would finish an assignment with time to spare and start the next project a week early. And then I would sit back and smugly watch everyone else scramble to finish their own work on time. Continue reading