Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday


Abandoned at the Curb

One morning last week, I left my 6-year-old standing on the sidewalk in front of his school, with tears forming in his eyes and a look that said “how could you leave me here right now!” As we start the kindergarten phase of his life, this whole “letting him go” thing is happening more often. Continue reading

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A Guilty Conscious

I will often explain to others how much more difficult it is to parent my 2-year-old daughter when compared to my 6-year-old son. She – even at 2 – is mischievous, prone to tantrums, overly-dramatic and feisty. He is kind, compassionate, quick to help a friend – or even his sister – and honest. Continue reading


How do I stop from just going through the motions?

As many can relate, last week was the first week back at school for our family – a time that is eagerly anticipated yet somehow completely dreaded at the same time. My husband is a teacher, so he is back full time and I have to say good-bye to a stay-at-home parent/chef/laundry folder/house cleaner/(insert any household or family chore here).

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My “Martha and Mary” moment in the backyard

My house was a disaster zone. I had dirty and wet laundry scattered all over the basement. There were dusty shelves and bathrooms that needed a good, deep scrub, streaked windows and a floor that seems to be constantly covered in dog hair. But I ignored all of this and played outside with the kids on a beautiful, warm summer day.

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My feeble attempt to describe a God moment with my daughter

There are times in life where words will not fully explain the experience. But I have to try to write this one down – to remember at least to some degree what I felt in a certain moment – a quick blink in this thing we call life. Let me try to set the scene for you.

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