Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Learning to do a Cartwheel

My daughter has entered the new world of second grade. Schoolwork is a little more difficult, expectations are higher. She’s not the youngest in the school anymore. With it, she decided to try brand new after-school activities. These are not activities her brother has done, nothing her dad or I participated in during a past life. We are jumping into gymnastics and swimming with no clue what we are getting into!

These sports are intimidating! You walk into rooms where these families have been passionately living in this world for years. We are clearly new, and so very naive. Continue reading


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The least of these

I am cashing in on the second of three blog posts written by a friend for me to use any week I choose. (The first – He is Enough – posted late in January.) She doesn’t know it yet, but I will be expecting this Christmas gift every single year!! I love reading her words, plus a week off is kind of nice! Please read the faith-filled words from my good friend… Continue reading


The “Perks” Found on the Journey

It was nine very short weeks ago when I posted Diving In. I was preparing to start two fairly time-intensive faith formation studies, and I was faced with both excitement and trepidation. I asked myself: Can I really do both and give each the time and spiritual attention they need? Continue reading


The body and blood… NOT for me?

My family and I had the opportunity to worship last weekend with friends at their Catholic parish. As a life-long member of an ELCA Lutheran church, I know we have our own long-held traditions. Our Lutheran worship services are liturgical by design; there is an order to it which might seem foreign to someone new. But wow… that is really felt during the Catholic service! Stand up, sit down, kneel, speak some words, utter a cued response. It makes one feel a bit out of place! Continue reading

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Cheating on my Homework, Part 2

As I mentioned last week in Part 1 of my two part series… I am taking an 8-week online class about the writings which provide the scriptural and theological foundations for Lutheran faith and practice. As this posts, I have two weeks to go – a bittersweet thought. How can you be eager for the homework to be done for a class you intentionally chose to take because you like doing the homework?? Continue reading

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Tearing Down Invisible Walls

I often tell my kids:  Trust me! They should feel safe telling me or their dad about their thoughts, feelings and fears; always able to approach conversations with honesty. Questions are welcome. Truth is required! We must experience this trusting parent/child relationship now – practice for the future when more challenging life experience will inevitably occur! Continue reading


Pondering a Few Simple Questions

“Homework” as an adult takes on a whole new level of meaning and impact. For the Quest study I am participating in (see Diving In) I was asked last week to consider five different questions. Five questions which lead to reflection on relationship with God.

Two such questions: Where are you and Who told you that? To put these another way… Where are you in your journey with and towards having complete trust and faith in God, how does that define who you are and how you live in the world, and from who or what do you source your response? Continue reading