Family God Moments

Our Family’s Journey to Find God in the Everyday

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Stories: A glue to hold us together

Some weeks, it is harder to write than others. It is never fun to hit Sunday with a blank mental slate. My writing is slammed together, the joy in formulating a post lost as I rush to have something done. Continue reading


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The Evil Around Us

My daughter and I are slowly working our way through the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was a beloved series in my youth. I read and re-read each book. I could probably tell each of the stories from memory! Continue reading

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Untangling the Weeds

Does it seem that we are increasingly quick to separate, divide, and deflect blame? There is a right and a wrong, the good and the bad. We avoid the gray areas and focus on our differences. If I can point out someone else’s faults, it makes me feel just a little bit better about myself. Maybe this is why my kids feel the need to tattle on each other… Continue reading

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Asking the Easy Questions

One week ago, Sunday morning… It was cold and dreary outside. I woke up extremely stressed about the things I hoped to complete that day. (So much for that day of rest.) The to do list continued to swim in my head; an impossible puzzle of tasks in a short span of time. My logical self couldn’t make sense of it! Continue reading

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Saying good-bye to the Lizard

Nearly one whole year ago, our son came home with a permission slip to bring home an anole – a cute little green lizard. We reluctantly signed and Guacamole the Anole was adopted into our home.

We bought a cage, greenery and special bark for an amphibian habitat. Each week we went back to the pet store for live crickets, which reside in their own separate cage. To be honest, we did not expect the lizard to make it through the cold Nebraska winter. Slowly, we learned that the 7 lizards in the homes of other 3rd graders died. Then, our Guacamole was the only lizard left.

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A Break from my Break!

I’m in the middle of my own personal “sabbatical,” taking a much needed break from the pressure to write with a self-imposed deadline. Yet an event has occurred which I just had to share…

This “blog” idea was planted by a friend nearly five years ago. I am not technologically savvy… So, without my husband’s encouragement and technical support, I would not have taken the easy steps to start a Word Press site. Yet here we are, with four years worth of weekly posts behind me, when this exact same friend suggests I put my posts into a book. “Great idea!” I said to her. But I knew – I would never exert the time and energy required to figure out how to create a book! I casually mention it to my husband, and then forget about it. Continue reading

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Clinging to a Common Ground

What a divisive world we live in. Is it getting worse? Or has it always been this way and I just notice it more now?? We fight about everything – and now we have computers to hide behind. We get into soul-sucking arguments with people we will never meet face to face! Continue reading